A new Merger & Acquisition in the Skies

Disclaimer: this blog is not intended for people who are still children in their hearts.

I want to share with you some exclusive news that has still not hit the press.
As you know I have been working closely with Mr. Claus over the last 3 years as a marketing consultant. It all started off with a casual encounter in a Finnish sauna which led to a brand workshop and later to assistance in redefining his business model.
It comes to no surprise then that Santa Claus approached me for help with his latest venture. Economic crisis, church scandals and rainy weather impacting delivery has made 2010 the worst year ever for Easter. Backed with financial support from the Coca Cola Company, Santa Claus made an aggressive but successful bid on Easter. Knowing about my experience in integrating the acquired products into my company’s portfolio, Santa approached me for some strategic insights.
The SWOT analysis concluded that the two business models have to be aligned in order to capture full synergies. The Christmas fixed date model is not compatible with the variable Easter date; Santa is examining the option to move Easter to the 25th of June. This will also better utilize Santa’s fixed assets across the calendar year as well as consolidate the 2 distribution channels (flying sledges and Easter bunnies) into one. The new entity would also provide a better one stop spiritual and shopping experience for parents as well as a better and more frequent follow-up on children behaviors.
However the venture will be facing some key challenges. That Santa Claus switched over to SAP in 2007 and while Easter is still on JDE.  All Easter keyboards are designed for rabbit’s paws which are not compatible with the elves fingers. Animal welfare also has to be addressed. Replacing the reindeers with flying bells will partly alleviate the issue (and allow Rudolf to cure his red nose) but this will be largely offset by the need to let go over 120 million Easter bunnies.
The deal is still being scrutinized for any potential dominant position but it already appears that chocolates will need to be divested and Carnival has already expressed interest. Least not last, the agreement will need the blessing from various churches in order to be consumed. Rumors have however that Santa is prepared to boycott 2010 Christmas in order to push the deal through.
Whatever the outcome, expect to see changes in the skies in the next months. And please do not read any signs that Mother Claus is brushing up her pumpkin recipes.

I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas® and a Happy New Easter® !!

A new Merger & Acquisition in the Skies
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